Ends and the sea, the mountains turned into a rock Borçka’nın where the sun rises. When you reach the forehead Cankurtaran’a clouds, wind your hair will remain attached to the green of your eyes.
Black angels watch the mountains of this region envy, jealously watch the green. Landing their ups like the clouds …
Then progress to the path of a deep valley. This started a glide glide iniştir. Pot-bellied body of rocks sitting in the trees rises. Confusing plot of vines is likely to see a squirrel anymore. Who knows, you salute Lots more.
Old boys, young girls are mothers father stayed grass collecting your route. Husband and wife wore a tight woolen knitted booties.
Eye-straining his wife’s mother’s father shed attached to the back of basket. Another herb is one of the cuts.
The first wake up your sense of amazement here. What do you mean you think of you? Other days of the following do you know the secrets of staying young, but aging.
A charming scene of the eye can see, is a charming green eye can begin. Green is the color of emeralds kamaşırken eyes of the deepest, flowers and butterflies, your mind goes here yakışmayacağı a better place.
Inmişsinizdir Borçka formed millions of years, and finally fold painfully nice. It does not do is home to many civilizations over the occurrence of a large number of civilization, where past again, go, honey, Corn, and also took his tea, feed the belly is a lot to do Borcka Horsemen.
Cool breaths taken, the smell of chestnuts spread plateaus, rain mixed with the sound of the human voice city.
If you dream of a dream of will be fulfilled, or if you want to, go ahead Borçka’nın walk to the highlands. Passing through your mind relax and have fun get enough of course you should pay Karagol.
“Most beautiful place on Earth our mother gives Karagöl’müş created and entrusted to Ademoğluna unless” you say. Widens at the bottom of your mind will be the owner of pearls. Çınlatırken sounds nice waterfall pouring countless ears plash plash, your perception will be directed to the sounds of ducks. Buy amber red cyan playing of yolk hayretinizi want to increase the craving boating in a boat. Karagöl memories come here never be without eating the fish.
The water will continue traveling the eye here. Cooling, and sometimes frightening, but mostly music by refreshing water flows into a unique bed. Water fairies dance in this timbre that makes it unique. Every single drop of water splashed in your face and kisses the lips of dozens nymph.
 Winding road will turn to the right the village of Muratli progresses. Take you far away to take the tone of a thousand and one green, every step of the way körelecek a little more sense.
Behrinde time, the mansion sat admiring glances when the Governor of Batumi, a melancholy salpanıverecek splinter in your mind.
Who knows what kind gentlemen, I clicked my glass of which he was polite ladies, time diving chapter, in crystal glasses, musk-scented teas come from the quarry.
He teas that separate your nose, your eyes, separately, a separate language to enjoy …
Grasped the hand or the temperature of the glass, which ravaged lips, taking the soul enchanted by the smell of the hot rise from an internal bathroom. ” Give me a drink dry içercesine a more adept “I will say, drank loose loosen resurrected.
Who knows what prayers languages ​​in the kiosk next to the estuary, the priceless art, master the codes Dawinciyi aratmadığı, will travel a big mosque.
Had solved the pride of the British accent reminiscent of a Turkish and passwords to images describing how to begin a conversation between you and the muezzin and demanding. Describes the meanings of the images that you sordukça, behind the horse-drawn kovalarcasına …
Begonias, flowering shrubs rayihaları going through a generous mavilikte from the sky, you will never leave you alone here. Ta distant hills, gold, tin, silver sequins scattered kapılacak feeling, occasionally süzülürcesine woodland paths will cross the realm of shadows.
Scattered in all directions through the clouds like wool, spun, filtered sun rays and sky reflections of the dam reservoir to face the future is full of promise. Ambarlı come to the village to watch this uniqueness; volatility of life that will bring a cheer …
Here in the sight of the sun melting snow scorned as something of you.
Some difficulties leaves, takes a deep Ohh, finds some moral sırtlanır it goes.
Illuminated on the night of the city, the town was born in another course. As an enlightened welcoming banquet table candelabras each corner.
Night indulgence, in the morning you will be addicted to tea in the village of Wrestling phrases dönderirken walk around in your head, so delicate life of mind, soul, such as glass cups yudumlanan ayılacak teas.
Dimanızda this holiday will be perfect all the time. Come as a cock flavored with mint sugar emdiğiniz of your tongue palate. Enjoy a refreshing and swallowing caustic melt the end of a vacation that you will regret.
Aside from its roots up to four branches, ranging from cloud clusters, surrounded by the bodies of mistletoe nice old trees and grasses roaring rivers spilled fluffy Otingo’yu to see his hometown, the exhibition is a collection of the most valuable works of art, like seeing the future.
Have learned that there is a spa, face color, similar to the three-day lapaya, hollow-cheeked, imagine how many patients will cure that place.
In fact, this place is healing Beehive. Single item in prescription medicines. Likapa a handful of tea, a sip of it, fresh air, plenty of oxygen will removes all diseases.
Poetry is a taste of spring vacation trips will be shared. First, the Çükünet White Water. Lekoban behind; ferry extinguished the light of gözbebeklerinizin upgrading your eyes inviting home owners yaşartacak service.
Right hand repeatedly hitting the left chest you fear that you will not find in any other country, your heart taşarken, confidence will be under cover of a mysterious peace.
White Water …..
One pearl of the plateau, a land of promise, the land of green, white clouds, green, involving an infinite potentials …
Grays because of rain clouds during the day, at night, wrapped in the land of the batteries, this plateau is not sufficient, as the lights of the houses is cigara fire ministers to download …
Large mansions modern noble wives of husbands how much olağansa eat by candlelight, candlelight, this small highland houses burned down because of non-electrical ladies do all the work alone, so common in fact.
That’s life in a cold sweat drops of the filtrate neck as Black women.
Hot-hararetlendiren, terletirken cause windchill life. But here is a very mütebessimdir demand services. Fraud away, sincere refreshments.
Sharp will continue uninterrupted and mountains beneath your feet. Düşmüşsünüzdür the path you are now closer to the sky Macahel journey.
Largely delightful, largely so great that eerie way; Sirat like the way it comes to those who passed over. Little ahead of almost all the greenery of heavenly …
Rambunctious how shrewd he is green. Unbreakable, will not be lost easily. To destroy, to be attempts to sabotage the human being not only sad and resentful. Resists a monarchical color, nature manages.
Struggle for existence and innocence in the face of this injustice Tabiyatananın made him think of repentance means; küçülürsünüz. Seeing how there is a muazzamlık masumken in the universe is cut out of breath; bends.
This elegance and taste, and the name of the spell you want to tell only you will comprehend the sight of konuşamadığınızı remain hidden. One is through a wish your heart at that time, as many Horsemen again you will want to repeat, just like everyone else.
Sirat be closer to the end of the path. Standing in front of all the grandeur and majesty Macahel cold cennetindeki öpecektir ellerlinizden to start the warm friendship.
And the instability of the joy of a little child gained dozens of new toys such as “where to begin I” think, probably.
The sound of the call to prayer is so fascinating that you do not ever hit your ears at first. Be the first invited to come inside the mosque issue of torment.
150 you will find a niche inside overthrown by seeing what suffering the whole year. Bent over bent over the top of the stairs you will find solace in the blood, but removing the küllenmeyen alakanızla pain.
As comfortable in the water the fish under this dome hafifleyerek relaxing. An air of mystical touch your neck, yapanlarını reminiscing and looking back, will you constantly.
Descending out of the way corner of the cobbled stone village market ettirecek you reminisce about your childhood. He is unlikely that” everything” as you say the same of those days. Chickpeas, core, glass of tea sold; wafer account is given one day to sit babies look.
Yastlanmış his chair while uncle Tebessümünüz white’ll notice that the blond tobacco. This is my old Uncle Dede Affola first, the fact that the polls.
Blowing wound ills of tobacco account savrulacak twisted ribbons. Cigaradan three breaths taken a breath blown into grief. Invitation continues to greet your uncle’s house.
So far we’d know I always enjoy chestnut. Let the luxury of a value, you will feel? All the houses Macehel’in chestnut trees, locked seating system, was constructed as nails. Here are enchanted structures are older, does not wear out. After which the door will be opened where you tell in the great works of a genius they are humble.
Puff puff lights a stove in which you have welcomed the banks of the room. Demlikten above the boiling sounds, güzineden spreading the smell of corn bread, was enchanted by your body.
Pink cheeks flushed While keeping your heart’s intention is offered during a tea, a table in front of you kuruluverir; Aladdin’s magic lamp, but it’s never perfect in the ovsanız.
Sets a honey bread, a coriander soup beans, cabbage wrapped in a hand goes to fill up your tea the other hand. Reduction of what you eat will not bother your eyes. I would not waste all the internal voices of hayıflanır.
Stomach becomes heavy eyelids begin to saturation. Energy is reduced. Pink cheeks flushing, boynunuzsa starts to search for a support. This will not be easy to find, esque maze of houses bedroom. ” Younger son left the house through the back door for the toilet, sink right to the front door, down the stairs to the bathroom, saying” get off your show, dozens of colorful faces covered with brass head against the crib mattress bakakalacaksınız. Grandmother joined him under the covers of wool childhood will fill your insides feeling like bosom. Handful of laughing hug him, the smell of smoked gently wake up your nose.
Here will dazzle light of the world. Your body is not accustomed to secrete a chemical substance. As if he did not come out the way you wake up you’ll be. I can barely find the sink with water, rise from the face like a buzz. Secrets taken to reflect a different one corner of the broken mirror than you bi. ” Rejuvenation potion stone dönderirken mirror image of fortune infected eyes “you say.
Georgian breakfast table is equipped with a bird’s milk aryalarla şenlenirken, mountains, foothills of Santa’s reindeer will be reduced, while childhood cream with honey bread here, “I wish there have been s remembered memories,” say probably not.
All these peaceful sounds of nature chaotic holiday programs before joining Bass String tremble as you realize that unlucky choices. When you fly like a bird, like a week for two saatmiş pass. Believes that the time will be more than a izafiliğine. Vacation’s over.
Your heart will break like thunder of applause. To congratulate yourself and “kiss on the cheek like a nice little girl, fleeting and cozy stay” say probably not.
Kalendermeşrep the city, the region to which you go in the world today hayranına encounter numerous rare eco-tourism areas. In 2005 by UNESCO “World Biosphere Reserve Network” project, UNESCO declared and accepted the first region in the area. The importance and significance of thousands around the world every year in excess of the accepted and the number of tourists has set up its own economy.
This is your share of the economy Borcka are thankful for; painful tear drops falling edges farewell to their loved ones eyelashes look.